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O.P.S. started in the fall of 1987 as The Prop Shop under the management of Raye Rodgers, with 3 other employees: myself, Art, Len and Darren. After our 1st year in business, we decided to incorporate. We changed the name to Ontario Propeller Service and continued operations as partners at our location in Burleigh Falls for the next 2 years. We were expanding fast, what with twice a week service we were taking the market by storm. No one had such fast service. Our closest competition was still only providing service once per week. Before you knew it, we were looking for a larger building.

We renovated our new location during the winter and were ready again for the start of a new season in the spring of 1991 in Ennismore at the Newman complex on Edenderry line. At this time, we employed 9 and serviced approximately 300 marinas. That fall, we lost Len to a lung disorder that caused him to have a fatal heart attack. Len would be greatly missed. When our rental agreement came due, it was substantially higher. So we were on the move again. This time to the old Burleigh Canoe Factory on Hwy 36 at Burleigh Falls. In the fall of 1995, more renovations but still ready again in the spring of 1996. We coasted along for several years there just the 3 of us, until a break up that resulted in Darren moving on in 1997. We faced another trial that winter of 1998 which resulted in a roll over and the formation of 1324414 Ont. Inc. Later this would become known as O.P.S (Only Propeller Service) and under the sole management of Art Guest in the spring of 1999.

When I took over, my first thoughts were of the purchase of land and the establishment of a permanent home for this newly formed company. Our next few years were very profitable and it was not long until land was purchased. Ground was broken for the new 5000sq ft home of O.P.S. which we occupied in October 2004.

Since then, O.P.S. has expanded into many other directions in order to stay moving forward in an ever changing economy. We now service and repair marine products, snowmobiles, ATV’s and carry all associated parts and accessories. We are also an Amsoil distributor. So if you have need for a propeller to be repaired, a lower unit to be fixed, a repair on your recreational vehicle, a new part or accessory, something welded, or to simply have your toys put away for the season, we will do our best to accomplish this for you in a speedy professional courteous manner at a competitive price at O.(our) P.(promise) S.(service).


Art Guest, president O.P.S.

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